Pat Henley is an artist living in Muriwai, on the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Her captivating paintings are largely inspired by the dramatic west coast landscapes and beach environment of Muriwai and surrounding areas. She explores the relationship with this ever-changing environment in her expressive and vivid paintings.


She has also drawn inspiration from the Navajo Desert Canyons (Arizona,USA) where flash floods carve the layers of sandstone into beautiful, curved shapes. Her current involvement is with Connections - between depths of the earth and plants and trees on the surface; Connections between earth and us and between us and one another. 


In her studio, on the cliff top above Muriwai,  Pat creates paintings, born from her passion for colour and movement.  Pat's most recent artistic exploration is the human form. Capturing moods, movement and emotion. Please see a selection of these below.

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"Selves" Series

How did I “leap” from depicting my impressions of Antarctica in 2020 to painting head spaces? I was in a “mood“ and I painted it out into a picture of chaos. Working on this, I saw I had formed the beginnings of a large head shape. This led to painting a series of human heads which can reveal different emotions according to the observer.


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Jane Doe


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