The Canyon Series

The Canyon Series embodies the feel of the power of water as it flash floods down the canyons, scouring the walls.
The unpredictable nature of what the inks do when they meet wet paper is a great medium to use to express the nature of moving water and what it leaves behind in its passing.


Please note these preview images are only a portion of the painting. Please click on the preview to see the full image.

​About the Navejo Desert Canyons

For centuries sand has been blown here and compressed down and built up layers, which is now known as Navajo sandstone. Erosion  by water in the form of flash floods from monsoon storms has gradually worn it into narrow canyons which are known as slot canyons, exposing different coloured layers and sculpting them into beautiful rounded or craggy shapes. Water roars through these canyons with great force, surging up to 50ft high and carrying car sized boulders.

I have been drawn to paint these because of the power of water. In sculpting the canyons during the flood seasons, then disappearing having left its imprint revealing the varied colours of long ago laid down sandstone.

~Pat Henley